Happy Winter Solstice 2012



Winter Solstice 2012Happy Winter Solstice 2012 The famous Mayan Calendar end date of December 21, 2012 marks the longest night and shortest day of the year.  Some believe this means the end of the world, but in Mayan culture it represents a new beginning.  After today the sun’s strength grows and is reborn as days becoming longer.  In Persia (now Iran) ‘Shab-e Yalda’ (Syrian for ‘Night of Birth’) is celebrated on this day, which is the eve of the birth of Mithra (Sun God) symbolising goodness, strength and light triumphing on Earth. The growing blaze of the sun symbolises the passing of the old year and imminent arrival of the new.  It is the turning point and, therefore, a time to allow space for hope, faith and resurgence.  We no longer need to be limited by the barriers of our past or so called ‘destiny’.  We can have the freedom to choose our ‘fate’ and believe in the possibilities and potential of our visions to emerge in Spring.

Introspection and Contemplation Nature’s energy is floating and at rest in this season.  Trees and plants shed their leaves, retreating their energy back into the earth to restore their strength in willingness for Spring’s regrowth.  On the surface all appears dead.  In the interior, life energy is gone deep.  We too can use this productive time to look inwards; watch what is going on, where things are headed and observe silence between thought.  In this way we connect with our true nature and inner strength by noticing a more spacious view of things, developing patience and becoming more attentive.  In Autumn, I discussed our resistance to change born through fear.  The remedy to fear and worry is, in truth, love.  By steering away from feelings that decrease our energy like anger, hate and jealousy, we can learn to be tolerant and forgiving.  Now even more, we can engage in the rising energy of love.“The greatest wisdom is in simplicity.  All you need is within you; encoded in your DNA.  Find your heart, and you will find your way.”

While the days are short and the nights are longer, there is value in going to bed early and rising late, exercising less vigorously, conserving our sexual energy and building our reserves. A period of relaxing and reflection at this time of year allows us to store our energy giving us courage, strength and will to carry out our plans for the year ahead. Without this our plans may lack drive with the change of season if our energy fails to sustain us.  By supporting ourselves with rest and reflection in the Winter, we can be armed and ready for the dynamic season of Spring.  A time for precious transformation. 

Shiatsu techniques snapshotNEW SHIATSU VIDEOS ON WEBSITE On the subject of transformation, my website now has videos showing Shiatsu Techniques and On Site Shiatsu Chair Massage and Dr Hilary Jones’ press release on his belief in Shiatsu.

Wholesome Food Eating rich nourishing foods and more complex carbohydrates truly nurtures us.  Why not try dishes made with squashes, beans, peas, garlic, root vegetables and whole grains. Nuts and seeds can provide rich nourishing and energy providing oil.  Support your kidneys with foods that usually have a salty taste or are blue, black or purple in colour.


Seasonal Spiced FigsSeasonal Spiced Figs These can be used as a snack eaten with nuts.  Warm them and serve with cream or chop and sprinkle on top of ice cream.


  • Dried Figs – packet
  • Spices – ½ cinnamon stick, 5 cloves, 5 cardamom pods, sprinkle of black pepper corns
  • ½ tsp honey
  • Glass jar – sealable
  • Water and ½ tsp honey


  1. Half each fig and remove the hard part of tiny stalk.
  2. Grind up all spices or use ready ground spices
  3. Dip each half fig into spice mix and place in glass jar
  4. Pour in water and honey mix till jar is half full.
  5. Leave for a few hours, then turn jar and leave for a few more hours.

Serve and enjoy with your friends.

Sharing In Winter, the weather can often make us feel ‘blue’, so share your experiences with others close to you.  Eat together with your family and friends and get nourishment from the heart of union.  It is the perfect time to be sat in front of a roaring fire, renewing and developing our relationships with those around and closest to us.  Actively participating in reunion will boost and nourish your soul.

“A few kind words can warm three winter months.”  Japanese proverb

I am still around this season to provide you some nourishing treatments as a great way to start the New Year.  I look forward to seeing you.

­­Warmth and Majic 

 Karen Durham DS MRSS Practitioner T: 07986 088 900 E: karen@afinebalance.co.uk W: www.afinebalance.co.uk

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