Summer Solstice 2013

Happy Summer Solstice 2013 21 June 2013 marks the high point of our sun and his victory over night; as we are on the longest day of the year.  The Summer season is one of abundance with the fattening and ripening of crops; filled with warmth and plenty. Violet  Flower

Virtuous Sun When we have the opportunity to grab the sun’s rays, we can allow its magnetic force to disseminate through our bodies.  Each one of us is an infinitely wonderful instrument with the profound ability to naturally heal wounds and compensate for damaged organs.   By feeding our body and others’ with positive influences, taking care of our magnetic integrity, and honouring the laws of nature, she will serve us well. 

As humanity’s prime assets, we are here to arm ourselves with skills, abilities, knowledge and morality so that we can grow within a beautiful world of cooperative forces.  We will be continuously rewarded if we contribute to the advancement of the common good as we earned it.  The moment we exploit our knowledge for selfish gains, we are damaging the core of this immutable force and ultimately lessening our own defences. 

The key to this is Virtue.  An individual that expresses brotherhood or sisterhood affirms that there is a great good behind everything that will always succeed.  Showing compassion, understanding, joy and laughter will surely create kinship with those close to us and those we meet.  Our body’s vitality will be fuelled, defences protected and paths strengthened. 

Every human Heartbeat is a universe of possibilities.  Everyone’s will has the power to transform its fate.  No matter what kind of game you find yourself in, no matter how good or bad the luck, you can change your life completely with a single thought or a single act of Love.

Gregory David Roberts

Strength in Movement  Learning Yoga or martial arts you experience focus of attention in your Hara or Core to bring stability that is absent if your mind is wandering.  The same is true if you adopt a soft, light, relaxed posture, not tense, or slouching.  Seemingly so simple, yet our habit is to counter physical and emotional difficulties with hardness as a desire to grasp or control.  This is the way to exhaust your personal energy quickly.   The alternative is to ‘extend your mind’, which means to see yourself as a manifestation of the Life-force of the whole universe.  

I was inspired some time ago watching BBC Earth’s Brown Capuchin monkeys demonstrating skill in their movement from their Hara to crack open their nuts for food.  It’s really beautiful to see their harnessing of power using their whole body in all its fluidity.  Watch when this monkey brings down the stone and keep an eye on the area around his hips where he draws down his energy much before any other part of his body, even his arms.  You can see how far his Hara moves so that his explosive power is amplified.  Imagine how this can benefit us.  Intrigued by this monkey business? Then watch this video…….

Feel free to contact me for any tips or advice. Savour the Summer and trust your rich existence.

Warmth and Majic
 Karen Durham DS MRSS Practitioner T: 07986 088 900 E: W:

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