Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Bluebells

Spring 2015 Bluebells

The Solar Eclipse amazingly occured at the same time as the Spring Equinox New Moon om Friday 20th March 2015.  This Spring, you can really give yourself the force within to break out of the sluggish patterns and burst forth into inspired deep growth and New Beginnings.

Have people close to provide mutual encouragement.  You will need them to help you dissipate your moments of doubt.  To make the right decisions with proper balance and compassion.  That way you can be ready to let go of limitations and emotional attachments to then ascend into renewed power for yourself, especially in the next 6 months.  Transform your own limitations rather than be distracted by others’.  Dig deep into your inner strength and discover your dynamic Force to start a Fresh.

Here are a two video tools to help Release your Tension and to find your own Internal Balance.

Did you enjoy these?  Then Email Me to receive the FREE link to a powerful visualisation meditation you can use to break your limiting habits, Release them and Progress to Success.

Release Tension:


Internal Breathing Release:

Best wishes for this season of vitality.


“Inside your body. It is a place of extraordinary stillness and creativity” Barry Long

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