About Me

ENRICH YOUR SOUL  www.afinebalance.co.uk

Karen offers an intuitive treatment that is unique to you. The focus is to instil a natural ability for your body to heal itself and achieve a fine balance.

More than a decade ago my Qi Gong and Gung Fu training evoked a deep insight into strengthening and balancing mind, body and soul.  Shiatsu sparked the key to sharing this powerful wisdom so others could tap into their own energy and creativity to heal themselves.

I exchanged my rewarding role teaching English to asylum seekers and vulnerable adults for dedicating myself to Shiatsu.  Achieving  qualified practitioner status after three years of professional study with the European Shiatsu School from 2005, I am registered Teacher with the Shiatsu Society UK.  My skills are enriched through Thai Massage, Yoga, Seiki, specialised Shiatsu courses and I am honoured to receive regular teachings from Michael Rose: co-founder of the Shiatsu Society.

Now I teach All generations and cultures: school children to Shiatsu students in France and UK.  This precious gift; my passion impels me to inspire you to feel that joy of discovering your own unique potential.

Karen is gifted in Shiatsu. I feel she is both skilled and intuitive, with a touching presence. These qualities bring a real healing effect. Thank you! Miss S

I have been seeing Karen for a number of years now for numerous symptoms from neck, shoulder & lower back ache to pregnancy related Sciatica & pure relaxation. Whenever I see Karen for a Shiatsu I always feel extremely relaxed afterwards & she always manages to relieve my symptoms. After one session since suffering with Sciatica, it really relieved the pain and I find it a llot easier to walk.
I would highly recommend a Shiatsu with Karen. You will feel on top of the world!
Mrs SM, Graphic Designer

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